A Larger Funeral in St Neots

£3,225.00 inclusive

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the service we offer to the community, and to make the ‘funeral experience’ more rewarding for everyone involved. We also recognise that funerals are expensive, and we are making a special effort to keep the costs involved as low as possible.

EatonsFor funeral gatherings of between 35 and 175 people, the facilities at The Eatons Centre in St Neots enable all the above criteria to be filled, at the same time as removing the time restraints placed on you by holding a funeral at a crematorium chapel. The Eatons Centre has the added advantage of being suitable for a reception following the funeral ceremony, thus keeping everything under one roof. Holding a funeral in St Neots means less travelling too.

For those who wish to keep costs down, keep the funeral simple, or both, we offer a funeral for £3,225.00 inclusive of external fees. This charge includes our professional fee, a simple, standard-sized coffin, a notice on our website to inform friends and family of the arrangements, and the use of The Eatons Centre for the funeral ceremony and the reception following the funeral. For cremation, Cambridge Crematorium’s band 1 fee (early morning or late afternoon), doctors’ fees and a celebrant’s fees are included. For burial, a single grave in St Neots Cemetery (St Neots residents only), purchase of the burial rights and a celebrant’s fees are included. We are able to quote for catering and/or bar facilities for the reception, or you are free to organise these yourselves if you so wish.

You are, of course, able to choose from a range of higher specification or eco-friendly coffins. You can also add any of our bespoke elements such as limousines, flowers, newspaper notices, catering and printed service sheets, but we guarantee not to push these, and to provide the service as above with all dignity. All we ask is that the £3,225.00 is paid before the funeral is confirmed. If it is paid by debit card or BACS transfer, we allow a discount of £75.00 making the cost £3,150.00