Arrange a funeral

Most of us choose a funeral as the way to celebrate a life that has been lived. At Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services we guide you through all the arrangements that need to be made, at your own speed, and make sure you are aware of all the options. We will assist you in the completion of all necessary paperwork, and provide support throughout the process. We guarantee no pressure, no selling, and no nasty surprises, ever.

Traditional funerals

A traditional funeral usually involves a procession, with a hearse and following limousines, then a religious ceremony either at a church, a crematorium or a cemetery. A wooden or more ornate coffin will often be the focal point of the proceedings.

Funerals at our premises

If you are looking to hold a small funeral and remove the time restraints placed on you by holding a funeral at a crematorium chapel, we offer the facility to hold funeral ceremonies at our premises in St Neots, Huntingdon and St Ives, Cambridgeshire.

Modern funerals

A modern funeral can be whatever you need or want it to be. Our policy is that if it is legal and possible, we will help you to achieve it. We thrive on finding different ways to help you to celebrate a life.

Woodland burial

More people are thinking about the environmental issues surrounding cremation and traditional burial, and turning to woodland burial as an eco-friendly alternative. Woodland burial sites do not allow traditional stone memorials, but instead encourage the planting of trees around graves to create new areas of woodland.