Who’s Who : Funeral Directors in Cambridgeshire

Who's WhoYou wouldn’t buy a car or a washing machine without doing some comparisons. Comparing and researching funeral directors is just as important, perhaps even more so, because a funeral is required at a time of high emotion, and therefore subject to excesses.

It is often difficult to know the true identities of funeral directors because they trade under establised family business names, but are in fact owned by much larger companies. They tend to keep this as quiet as possible, for obvious reasons.

Here’s our quick guide to who’s who amongst the funeral directors in Cambridgeshire

William Peacock & Sons (Huntingdon) – owned by Dignity plc

Swearers (Ramsey) – owned by Dignity plc

T L Cobbold (St Neots) – owned by Dignity plc

Dennis Easton (St Ives) – owned by Central England Co-op

Weymans (Cambridge) – owned by Dignity plc

Harry Williams & Sons (Cambridge) – owned by Dignity plc

Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services – locally-owned and fully independent