Bereavement counselling

We are very pleased to be able to offer a pre- and post-bereavement counselling service to people who feel they would benefit from therapy of this kind. You do not have to have used us as funeral directors to take advantage of this service.

Jane is a general counsellor who specialises in pre- and post-bereavement counselling for adults and children. Jane has 37 years experience as a registered nurse and 13 years experience working in a hospice with patients who are approaching the end of their life, and supporting families through their grief journey. Jane works with people on a one-to-one basis, over a period of time, depending on individual needs. She uses a room at our premises in Princes Street which gives total privacy, and your complete confidence is assured at all time. We will never discuss anything that takes place during a counselling session with Jane, and our service as funeral directors is completely separate from Jane’s service as a counsellor.

Counselling offers you a safe, confidential place to talk about what is happening in your life, and anything that may be confusing, painful or uncomfortable.

Pre-bereavement counselling

Person who is ill – 50 minute sessions

Jane provides emotional support to someone who has been diagnosed with a life limiting illness. During the session she will help the person to explore any anxieties, concerns or worries they may have which can also include planning their funeral and giving advice for end of life care.

Adults – 50 minute sessions

Jane provides emotional support to people caring for someone who has a life-limiting illness, giving them the opportunity to talk about their thoughts and feelings at this difficult time. If asked, Jane can also give advice about end of life care and what to do after someone has died.

Children – 40 to 50 minute sessions

Jane can give advice to adults on how to talk to a child about someone who has a life-limiting illness. She can also see children to work with them to help them deal with someone close to them who is approaching the end of his or her life.

Post-bereavement counselling

Adults – 50 minute sessions

Following the death of someone close to them, a person can feel it would be helpful to talk to someone who doesn’t know them. With post-bereavement counselling you are given the time, in a confidential and non-judgemental environment, to talk about how you are feeling at this sad time. Some people need 2 or 3 sessions, whilst others need many more. Grieving is very much an individual situation and each person will deal with their grief differently.

Children – 40 to 50 minute sessions

Jane can provide bereavement support advice for adults who have a child who has had a bereavement. She can also see children and work with them to explore their reaction to the death of someone close to them.

If you feel you would find pre or post-bereavement therapy or counselling beneficial, please make initial contact with us, in complete confidence. We will put you in touch with Jane to arrange a suitable time to meet. If you prefer, Jane will come to your home to meet you.

All financial discussions regarding charges for the counselling service are between yourself and Jane. We take no commission and expect nothing back. We simply provide the room within our premises if you would like to use it.