How Do We Do It?

You may be wondering how we provide a quality service when we charge so much less than other funeral directors.

The answer is simple. Unlike any of the other funeral directors in St Neots and Huntingdon, we are a very small, locally-owned company. Our ‘board of directors’ consists of one person, Andrew, who owns and manages the business, supported by two qualified funeral directors, Scott and Philip. The quality of service provided, the growing reputation of the business, and the desire to help clients create the most personal and fitting funeral ceremony are at the forefront of all of our minds at all times.

You will deal personally with Scott, Philip or Andrew throughout the time that you need to engage Kingfisher’s services. With very ‘hands on’ attitudes to everything, they will be personally responsible for all that you ask them to do.

We don’t employ Area Managers, Assistant Managers, Marketing Managers, Financial Managers, Receptionists, Funeral Arrangers or Funeral Operatives, we’re too small for these. We don’t spend tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds on very expensive vehicles. We don’t occupy town centre premises. We don’t have distant shareholders breathing down our necks demanding profits and bonuses.

All the above enable us to keep our costs down, so we do.

Kingfisher’s reputation is growing in the area. More and more people are turning to us as the word spreads. That translates into turnover for the company, which provides Andrew, Scott and Philip with a living. We don’t ask any more.