Coffin Choices – click each image for a larger picture

Simple coffin suitable for cremation of burial

Simple Cremation or Burial Coffin £260.00

Chiltern Oak Coffin

Chiltern Oak Veneered Coffin £320.00

Sapele Veneered Coffin

Chiltern Sapele Veneered Coffin £320.00

Tudor Rose Coffin

Tudor Rose Coffin £420.00

Canterbury Sapele Coffin

Canterbury Sapele Veneered Coffin £460.00

Cavendish Solid Oak Coffin

Cavendish Solid Oak Coffin £1090.00

Painted Coffin

Painted Coffin (any colour available) £495.00

Wicker Coffin

Wicker Coffin £495.00

Seagrass Coffin

Seagrass Coffin £595.00

Cardboard Coffin

Cardboard Coffin (shown with birds) £525.00

Contemporary, River Sunset

Contemporary Printed Coffin £565.00


Scatter Tubes £25.00

Carlton Oak (Coffsket)

Carlton Oak Coffin (for the larger person)

Essex Oak Ashes Casket

Essex Oak Ashes Casket £75.00

Surrey Utile Ashes Casket

Surrey Utile Ashes Casket £95.00