Home & D-I-Y Funeral Costs

If you would like us to take care of all the arrangements for the funeral, our professional fee is £1495.00, reduced to £1420.00 if the full cost of the funeral is paid by debit card or BACS transfer before the funeral takes place.

For other fees and charges associated with the funeral, please see our Estimate Generator for a full breakdown of the costs involved.

Alternatively, if you only want us to provide certain elements of what might traditionally be called ‘our professional services’ we are pleased to advise the breakdown of our charges as follows:

  • Removal from a local hospital or place of death during office hours £275.00
  • Care of the deceased in our mortuary £50.00 per night
  • A meeting to take instructions for the funeral £175.00
  • Liaising with all relevant authorities to arrange the funeral, and completion of all paperwork £150.00
  • Ancillary work (eg arranging printed orders of service and notices in newspapers) £195.00
  • Dressing the deceased and preparing for chapel visits £195.00
  • Out of hours chapel visits (per visit) £85.00
  • Attendance of a funeral director at the funeral £225.00
  • Provision of an estate car where necessary (per return local journey) £100.00
  • Handling donations to charity in lieu of flowers £90.00
  • Collection and storage of cremated remains £45.00
  • Arranging the interment of cremated remains £45.00
  • Attending the interment of cremated remains £75.00
  • Hire of our Flexmort cooling system for home use £50.00 per night

For further help or advice please do not hesitate to contact us by whatever means you prefer.