Hayley’s Coronation Street Funeral – Humanist Funerals and Coffin Choices

Garden CoffinYesterday evening’s screening of Hayley’s funeral on Coronation Street will have made viewers think about funeral choices, and in particular humanist funerals and cardboard or eco-friendly coffins.

We very much hope that bringing a funeral such as this into the wide public domain will inform people that they do have choices, and will inspire people to ask for what they want, rather than what they think they have to have.

We encourage each and every one of our clients to tell us how they want a funeral to be. We have no set ideas or ideals. We pride ourselves on tailoring funerals individually and providing as much help as a client wants to ensure that a funeral is a very personal event.

The term humanist funeral is often assumed to mean anything other than a religious or church funeral. In fact a true humanist funeral will make no reference to God or the afterlife, instead concentrating on being a celebration of a life. Humanists denounce the exitence of a higher being, and look to science rather than religion to discover and understand the world.

A critic could say that this imposes values as much as a church funeral imposes religion.

A further option is known as a civil funeral. Civil funeral celebrants design funeral ceremonies unique to each person, and will not “impose their values on others”.

We tend to find that once we have explained all these options to our clients, they opt for a civil celebrant, simply because of the flexibility it offers, allowing hymns and prayers if desired.

We are extremely proud of one of our local suppliers, Will at Greenfield Creations, who designed and made the coffin that was used for Hayley’s funeral. Will’s coffins are spectacular and original, and his business has been one of our key suppliers since we established Kingfisher Funerals in St Neots.

We don’t tell you what you need, we listen to what you want.

Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services are proud to be the only locally-owned, fully independent funeral directors in St Neots or Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. We are locally recommended on The Best of St Neots, and nationally recommended by The Natural Death Centre. For more information please call us on (01480) 471001, e-mail us info@kingfisherfunerals.co.uk or call in at Gate Lodge, Cemetery Road, St Neots PE19 2BX.

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