How Much Of Your Donation Actually Goes To Charity?

Donations MoneyIt’s always a huge compliment when other companies copy your ideas. Several months ago, Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services launched the ability to make donations to charity online.

The service has been popular, and, most importantly, is completely free to use. We have never, and will never make a charge for using this service.

But be aware! Other companies do not necessarily provide this service completely free of charge.

Always ask questions about online donations. There can be, and are, hidden charges. Check the small print. Ask your funeral director. Are there administration charges? Charges for using debit and credit cards? Charges for using the charging system (really!)?

When companies claim that they add Gift Aid to your donation, beware! They can only legally do this if you are a UK tax payer. And just check, when they charge you an administration fee, should this really be a percentage of the donation including the Gift Aid amount?

Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services are proud to give every penny we collect for charity, directly to charity. We make no administration charges whatsoever.

We are proud to be the only locally-owned, fully independent funeral directors in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. The company is becoming increasingly well-known in St Neots and the surrounding areas, and thriving on the open and honest service we provide. We hide absolutely nothing.

We are recommended locally on The Best of St Neots and nationally by The Good Funeral Guide and The Natural Death Centre.

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