Our commitment to the environment

We take our environmental footprint very seriously, from our day-to-day use of materials in our offices, to encouraging the use of eco-friendly alternatives at funerals.

At our premises, we’re working hard to reduce our consumption of single-use plastics and unnecessary reams of paper by:

  • using our local refill shops when we buy consumables such as soap, washing-up liquid and other cleaning materials
  • investing in eco-tank printers which use refillable ink rather than small cartridges
  • buying recycled toilet rolls and other paper products wrapped in recycled paper rather than plastic
  • moving our brochures to digital and online portals
  • having milk delivered in glass bottles rather than buying plastic bottles from supermarkets

We’re working with our landlords to explore our ideal of having solar panels on our buildings, so we can generate our own electricity and sell any we don’t use back to the energy companies.

We’ve instigated a policy of investing in hybrid or electric vehicles when our existing vehicles are due for renewal.

When we arrange funerals, we aim to encourage clients to consider the environmental impact of their decisions by:

  • choosing a coffin made from sustainable wood or natural material, and using non-plastic handles and fittings
  • choosing flowers which are naturally and locally sourced, and tied with natural materials such as rattan rather than being arranged in oasis
  • using our premises for funeral ceremonies (where numbers permit) thus reducing the need for large vehicles and fuel
  • using online rather than newspaper or manual methods of announcing funerals and collecting donations