Marilyn Noon


Marilyn Noon (also known as Marilyn Watts) died peacefully at home in Alconbury in the early hours of 25th September 2012.

Marilyn was employed as Systems Manager at Civil Ceremonies Ltd for ten years, helping to establish Civil Funerals and the Institute of Civil Funerals, of which she had been secretary and was Vice President.

She was passionate about the quality of funerals and worked tirelessly to ensure that standards were met and that the quality of training continued to rise. So many celebrants will remember Marilyn’s personal interest in them and her devoted coaching with great affection. She helped so many as they started their new profession in this very special area of work.

A very stylish lady. Her husband Cliff is making sure that Marilyn’s funeral will be one of which she would have been proud.

A celebration of Marilyn’s life takes place in Alconbury Memorial Hall, School Lane PE28 4EQ on Friday 12th October 2012 at 2.00pm. Please arrive early and be seated by 1.45pm, and at Marilyn’s request please wear bright colours.

Donations in Marilyn’s memory will be used firstly to decorate the hall with flowers which Marilyn loved. Remaining funds will be given to Macmillan Nurses, to whom the family are so grateful. Cheques can be made payable to ‘Kingfisher Donations Account’ and sent c/o Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services, Gate Lodge, Cemetery Road, St Neots PE19 2BX. If you prefer to make a BACS transfer you may do so to the same account, sort code 60-18-23, account number 18631096, but please add Marilyn’s name as a reference if you do this. If you would like a receipt for a donation made directly into our bank account, please e-mail and we will gladly provide this.

For further details please feel free to contact Andrew at Kingfisher Funerals on (01480) 471001.

Personal Tributes

There are 38 tributes.

  1. Dianne Hughes says:

    Dearest Marilyn, You were an inspiration to me, and you always had faith in me even when I just scraped through my examination. We will all miss you and never stop thinking of you.
    Much love to you all especially your family and Anne.

  2. Sarah, Steve and Pippa Langley says:

    My Aunty Marilyn will be sorely missed. Our thoughts are with you Cliff, Graeme, Frances and your families. All our love, Sarah, Steve and Pippa

  3. Jane Grimes says:

    I often think of Marilyn when I’m on my allotment, deep in thought, in my own little place, knowing she has been an allotment girl herself in the past.

    I’ve only ever seen Marilyn looking incredibly smart, not a hair out of place and in some tasty swish outfit, and to think of her on the end of a garden fork, or wrestling with the raspberry shoots has always made me smile.

    Marilyn certainly inspired me, her Civil Funeral training 4 years ago was brilliant. Encouraging, straight-talking Marilyn, and I admired her more than she would ever know.

  4. Jo Idle says:

    I echo most of the comments made about a very talented lady whom I only met a couple of times. I remember a wonderful evening spent with yourself and Cliff, Anne and John, at an art gallery in Hemingford (I bought a painting) and after we went back to your captivating cottage and were told all about the Flood! Lots of laughs. I felt I had known you for ever.

    I cannot imagine you resting in peace – you will soon be getting everyone sorted out. My thoughts go to Cliff and your families.


  5. Debbie & Paul says:

    Dear Marilyn
    How the time has flown since you first entered our lives, nearly 20 years ago! It just doesn’t seem possible that you have now been taken from us way too soon.

    I will always remember fondly our day trip to France, just the two of us in preparation for you marrying Dad. What a great day we had, filling our trolley soooo full of alcohol for your wedding ‘after party’ that we nearly lost it all as the trolley dragged us both down a ramp gaining speed and threatening to crash at the bottom 🙂 There are so many memories that will live on when we fondly think of you.

    You showed great strength and determination in your battle, I am truly inspired at how brave you were each and every day.

    I hope you are now in peace.

    Love always
    Debbie & Paul

  6. Diana Gould says:

    Dear Marilyn
    Only love and respect for you could get me tangling with technology to add to the tributes that abound in all our memories.xx Diana

  7. Christine Ogden says:

    My first funeral booking came via you Marilyn. “Don’t panic! You can do it and you will be brillliant,” were your words of encouragment; as you must have said many times to all new celebrants.

    CCL and the IOCF have made a difference to people’s lives. You made that difference through your constant encouragement and support.

    IOCF council meetings are not the same – keep expecting to look up and see you screwing your nose up at what has just been said, before bringing us back down to earth. We’ll miss you and never forget your passion for our work.


  8. Krysia says:

    Thank you for being you, beautiful you, for caring, sharing, laughing, trusting, listening, chatting, finger wagging (for a whole raft of reasons) and for hugging! We loved our hugs didn’t we! So so pleased we managed to share a fragment of time. You’re in my heart xxx

  9. Gemma & Matt Wakefield (was Barber) says:

    Thank you for always being like a second Mum to me Marilyn. I grew up being inspired by your drive and ambition, being warmed by your unfailing love and affection and being in total awe of your amazing long nails, always perfectly painted! Matt always remembered when he first met you 9 years ago – you pinched his bottom – he liked you instantly!

    We were so happy that you made it to our wedding a few months ago, you looked amazing and danced on the dance floor, it meant the world to us and I know it did to you too. I will keep an eye on my Mum for you, she’ll be trouble, but we both know that already! Thank you for touching our lives in the ways that you did, we will never forget you.
    Lots of Love, Gem, Matt and the ‘bump’. xxxxxxxx

  10. Anonymous says:

    A lovely lady, a real pleasure to know, you will be missed. Our love and thoughts go out to Cliff and all the family. Anne & John

  11. Heather says:

    Marilyn I have only known you for a short while, but in that time you gave so much to me. I will remember your tips for the computer and your laughter always that little giggle.

    My thoughts go to your family you will be missed but not forgotten.

  12. Emma says:

    Sympathy and deepest condolences to Cliff and to Cliff and Marilyn’s family. It is astonishing to recollect that just a few weeks ago Marilyn and I were chatting in the sunshine…such a sad sad sudden loss.

    Marilyn thank you for your support and help with public speaking..what was it again, slow down and so many words a minute..anyway thank you so much and for remembering my little girl with lovely thoughtful gifts every Christmas, so kind. You will be missed and always remembered.

  13. Lynne Watson says:

    Thanks for helping me to see how this work was right for me. You inspired me and taught me more about computers in three days than I’d learned in twenty years. I loved our fag breaks, our laughs and our chats about the ‘boys’ (dogs) and the girls (hens). You worked hard – so hard – and achieved more in your shortened lifetime than most others ever achieve. You made a difference.
    Deepest condolences to your family and close friends.

    You will be missed, both professionally and personally. Thank you, and well done, Marilyn. Now comes rest. xxxxxxx

  14. Belinda Forbes says:

    You were determined to make me into a celebrant against all the odds! And you did. Your passion and high standards inspired me. Four years later I am still a celebrant and I love my job more than ever. Thank you Marilyn.

  15. Janice Thomson says:

    Dear Marilyn – you were so competent, so efficient and so feisty! I remember how we had fun making promotional videos of ceremonies at my office in Hendon, and how in the very early days of civil funerals I was asked, for my very first funeral, to do one for a baby – you and Anne were nothing daunted and gave me ideas and the confidence to do it. The last time I saw you, I’d just come through 2 major operations and you gave me a big hug….you were nobody’s fool and I can hear you now saying “Just a cottonpickin’ minute!” Sleep tight.

  16. Lynn Banham says:

    Marilyn.. you once said my tributes were too long! Well, there are probably not enough words in the dictionary which express my thanks to you and Ann for changing my life. So I’ll keep this short. Funny, fiesty, freindly lady … You were amazing. x Lynn

  17. Deborah B says:

    Don’t worry about Fran. I will look out for her always for you. With much love.

  18. Viv O'Neill says:

    Marilyn, you were an inspiration to so many of us who trained with you at Civil Ceremonies. Your commitment was unfailing. Thank you for your help and friendship these last seven years, I will miss you like so many others. Viv

  19. Anonymous says:

    We miss you. Simple as that. Big love, Blue and Julie

  20. Jane & Colin Sanders says:

    Marilyn, thank you for the lovely friendship with lots of laughs and fun. We have those special, warm memories, from dog walking and meals out to the trip to France, to help fill a small part of the space you have left.
    Much love, Jane & Colin

  21. Alan Edmunds says:

    Dear Marilyn, I enjoyed becoming a member of your fan club. Your training reminded me how essential it was to raise standards. In the years ahead, I hope you will hover beside me as I write, maybe to your dictation! Remembering your desire for perfection will help me to strive to become an effective funeral celebrant, practising the ‘word’ according to Marilyn.

  22. Angela Allen says:

    Marilyn, I too have a great deal to thank you for. It may have only been 5 years since you appeared in my life – but what a pleasure to have had you there many times in the background, just popping up, as and when, with your thoughts and re-assurance. You have been a guiding star, and in my memory a star that will always twinkle and will never fade. Your warmth and welcoming arms will be sadly missed, along with your humour and direct and honest opinions. An elegant and truly beautiful lady. Angela Allen, National Association of Funeral Directors and fellow IOCF Council Member

  23. Nancy & Roy says:

    Roy and I remember the day we visited your house and you showed us how high the flooded stream outside your door came inside the house and caused mayhem. But instead of telling us a tragic tale you made us helpless with laughter as you descibed yours and Cliffs attempts to stop the water coming in any further, which, needless to say, failed spectacularly! You always “looked on the bright side of life!” Much love and peace, Nancy and Roy, Sarah and Will

  24. Holly says:

    We will miss your warmth and compassion and will remember the funny banter we all had with Gran and Grandpa and the precious comments you made on Gran’s day. I know you will be with us when we carry this banter on with Cliff as a reminder of how much we love you both xxx Holly and Rose, Brian and RIchard and family xx

  25. Anne Barber says:

    So who will keep me in check now M? I promise to behave as you are sitting right here, on my shoulder.

    There is a huge Marilyn-shaped hole here at CCL but we are doing our very very best to make sure that nothing goes out until you would have approved of it.

    The last 20 or so years of my life have been better because you were my best friend and colleague. We built something that matters and had so many brilliant adventures along the way.

    There are absolutely no words to explain how much I miss you.


  26. Barbara & Ray Allen says:

    Marilyn – an amazing lady. Love the photo of you in the wedding outfit – it is so
    you! Ray and I will miss you especially when Ray and Cliff regale their golf
    stories and we both raised our eyes and our glasses! You were so strong and brave in the last few months of your life but we will remember you as the wonderful, vibrant lady that you were. Love you Barbara & Ray x x

  27. Sue Lucas says:

    Marilyn – my amazing and courageous lifelong friend who knew me better than I knew myself and was closer to me than a sister. Your light will forever shine brightly in my thoughts and heart – I will miss you dearly. Love, Sue

  28. Lawrence & Rowena Noon says:

    To a wonderfully brave lady who will be greatly missed by us all. Christmas will not be the same without your thoughtful gifts, competitiveness when playing silly games and your yummy cooking. Your love and support when our little boys were born way too early will never be forgotten and we only wish that they’d had longer with their Mima x x x

  29. Fran McClatchie says:

    My beautiful mum you were also my best friend. You were a bright star in my sky. I love you and will miss you everyday for the rest of my life.

  30. Pauline Southam says:

    Dear Marilyn, It’s obvious that so many people are going to miss you very much. I want to say how easy both you and Anne made the Civil Ceremonies course ( No 4 ) for me and how much I ‘enjoyed’ helping people to cope at very tough times and also letting them have the funerals that they wanted for their loved ones. You both taught me empathy and feelings for the families that I spent special times with. Marilyn you taught me so much more than the words in the training manual. You made me a better person, I know that Cliff will give you the funeral you deserve. Sleep well Marilyn, love and hugs XXX Pauline Southam

  31. Graeme Stroud says:

    Mum – I love and miss you so much. You will forever live on in my heart and in the hearts of all who knew you. You show incredible courage and bravery in your battle, I wish I was as strong. A bright light has gone out.

  32. Roger says:

    Marilyn – there are no words that can adequately describe the impact that you had on so many people including me. Your presence in any room was more felt than seen – I came late in to your scene but your welcome to me showed no bars – it was a pleasure to have worked with you in your professional capacity but importantly to have shared your friendship. My thoughts are with Cliff. Roger

  33. Oh Marilyn, your presence here is missed every day. I always admired your style, and commitment to work, and took on board the tellings off for working late from you. We will look out for all at Civil where you are so sorely missed. I am making sure that my grammer is correct and smiling as I do, thinking “what would Marilyn say”? My thoughts and I speak on behalf of all at The Business Printing Company are with Cliff and all your family, colleagues and friends. You will not be forgotten and you will live on in all your family, fondest thoughts and love Jackie at TBPC – x-

    Ed’s note … mis-spelling of ‘grammar’ not corrected as Marilyn would have adored that faux-pas!

  34. Cliff Noon says:

    My beautiful lady, my very special babe you were so strong and brave and fought an incredible battle. I love and miss you so much, it hurts me to let you go. An incredible lady that possessed an enormous amount of love & caring for everybody she knew, when you walked in a room you turned heads with your style and presence. A special lady that will not be forgotten.

  35. Julia says:

    Marilyn – I too owe you so much, you believed in me and helped me to believe in myself. We had some good laughs and hugs. I had a great deal of respect for your commitment to your work and still do! I shall miss you, but I’m glad that I was able to meet you. Julia xxx

  36. Jo Donlevy says:

    Marilyn – I owe you so much. It was your belief in me that gave me the courage to ‘go it alone’ and leave the Registration Service to become an independent celebrant. You were always so encouraging in everything I did, from ceremonies you witnessed, to articles for the newsletter. Your e-mails and phone calls were always so timely and invariably left me smiling … in fact, I shall always smile when I think of you. Your family were lucky to have you … and so were we! Much love, Jo x

  37. Deni Darke, Funeral Celebrant. says:

    Marilyn, we shared a hairdresser, a passion for fashion, and the occasional bottle of something very palatable……and we disagreed about practically everything else! I’ll remember those impassioned arguments, your (occasionally outrageous) observations,so much laughter……..and, of course, that fine wine. Cheers m’dear. Our thoughts are with you, Cliff, Deni (and Andrew)

  38. Andrew Patey says:

    Farewell to my dancing partner with whom I was literally legless on the dance floor. You were much loved and will be missed so much. My condolences to Clff and the family. Andrew Patey, Funeral Director, Civil Funeral Celebrant and fellow member of the IOCF Council

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