The Celebration of the Life of Beni Wright


The Celebration of Beni’s life will be held at St Peter’s Church, Pertenhall on Monday 24th September 2012 at 11.00am. Please wear coloured clothing. Flowers are welcome (a single flower would be fine) as Beni loved them, but donations for research into gynaecological cancer at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, made payable to ACT 9386, or to Forest Schools will also be welcome (please hand to Tabi or to Andrew the funeral director on the day). Everyone is welcome!

Tabby writes … Mum has touched so many lives. She was an extra special person, an extra special mum, and nanny Beni to our kids. She is loved by so many people. I am proud to call her my mum. But I have big shoes to follow in for such a small person! She was a devoted Christian till her last breath, and I have never known someone so generous or unselfish as she was. She is no longer suffering with pain, and is with our Lord who is holding her in his glory. It is sad to have you leave mum, but you did need to rest. You always thought of others first and forgot time for yourself. Now it is your time to shine! Love you always and forever xxxxxx

Personal Tributes

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  1. Rosie Kind says:

    What a lovely kind person you were Beni – always thinking and praying for others. You were a ray of sunshine and I’m sorry that the sun was not shining today to wend you on your way. I’m not surprised the church was packed with people. Everyone who knew you couldn’t fail to be touched by your goodness. Sleep peacefully Beni until we meet again. Love to you and the wonderful family you have brought up from Rosie

  2. Beni took me on a walk to teach me about hedgerow medicine. Her knowledge and enthusiam was electric and I always will remeber that walk we shared that day….and every time I see a bluebell, I will think of Beni who taught me so much in that short time we shared. Carla

  3. wendy miller says:

    Beni was the warmest gentle kindest person who took people for what they were and did not judge. I learned so much from her. Her love and knowledge of nature,animals and people so great. I have shared laughter, tears, walks and so much more with her. She was a highly intelligent sweet and inspirational lady in such a small package and I loved her, I will remember her forever. xxxx

  4. Barbara Blyth says:

    So many fond memories,friendships,a great accumulation of cheerful recollections,so much affection on earth and Heaven at last for all of us,may God bless you and keep you Beni, I can not be at your Life Celebration,you know why,but our whole life as friends together has been a celebration and I will carry it in my heart forever,how blessed I have been as have all that known you, Love you B, Barbara xxxxx

  5. Mark Wiltshire says:

    Dear Beni, the kindest and most selfless person I know. Fond memories of sitting in your kitchen drinking tea from a big teapot, rescuing hedgehogs and enjoying your warm company. You will be truly missed. Rest in Peace, Mark xx

  6. Grant Smith says:

    Dear Beni, the kindest person imaginable.
    Watch over my sheep.

  7. Ruth Primmer says:

    What an inspiration you have been to so many treasure, we shall miss you sorely… You were our inspiration for the ‘love larder’ which we will continue doing, it was a sheer delight to cook for you, knowing that you were so grateful for every meal and eager to do it yourself when you were better… I have only known you a short while but you brought sunshine into my life and you will never be forgotten. I will truly miss that beautiful smile of yours xxxx

  8. Sue Norman says:

    I am so sorry that such a lovely person has been taken from us, but it is true that God picks only the finest flowers for his garden. Beni and I shared an office and a lot of time together – we chatted about a lot of things which I will never forget. As Tabby said, she spent her whole life putting others first – always thinking of her family before herself. She will be a hard act for them to follow and I hope she continues to be an inspiration to all her family; now she can be at rest, sit back and watch with her feet up! God bless Beni. Sue xxx

  9. maria says:

    Always smiling, you were an amazing person, very generous and warm to everyone you met. I loved giving you a hug! I felt very privileged to have known you. With love Maria

  10. Barbara Blyth says:

    Dear Beni, We have shared a whole lifetime together, the growing up years at Colworth when you used to run wild, barefoot and clad only in your knickers, your dream was to be Tarzan and you swung about the trees fearless of falling, we rode bareback on the lovely pony Titch, made houses out of hay, had great adventures, shared lovely picnics, we were even naughty from time to time but my lips are sealed! Our secret sign being a butterfly as two B’s back to back make a butterfly, we still used it to this day! It is 3 years since we last had a picnic at Colworth, I provided the food and you the drink, well it was so funny because you brought the Kelly kettle and water but forgot the milk tea and cups, that is the Beni I love, the Beni I shall remember. Run free and fearless Beni as you loved to do as a child, till we meet again. Best love Barbara XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  11. Dear Beni, We have shared a family and watched it grow between us. I don’t think the two Mums who share the same birthday have done a bad job. But now it’s time for you to watch over them from heaven and guide from that direction. I will stay here for now and carry on the earthly bit. But we will meet again and share birthdays once more. Enjoy your peace and watch over us all, we need it at times. Very much love, Sylvia xxxx

  12. Steve Halton says:

    Thank you Beni for being such a lovely part of my life. You’ve been an inspiration to me, and many others and may you always continue to inspire and brighten our lives. Rest in Peace. Steve x

  13. Jane Lambourne says:

    Dear Beni it was an honour to be your “other half” for the last 20 years. We’ve shared so many good times, you’ve been a bright light, an inspiration and such a dear friend. Love you always JaneXX

  14. lisa blyth says:

    God bless you Beni. You gave my mum so much, she is devastated but pleased that you are in a beautiful place with the big man upstairs. I hope you stay by her side Beni, she needs guidance and support right now xxxx

  15. linda says:

    Thank you Beni. The greatest kindest friend. We love you. Rest with Jesus.xx

  16. Gweneth M K Mcroy says:

    Beni, my friend of over 50 years, although we lived many miles apart, we stayed close friends. Throughout the years, when we did meet it was as if we had never been apart. I love you Beni. “Till we meet again” love Gweneth.

  17. Anonymous says:

    It’s hard to imagine a more loving person, more filled with real goodness: hope/charity/forgiveness & a loving understanding of all the human failings, a true ambassador of faith – of all the virtues we cherish and yet, which are so hard at times to practice. Even in the depths of her illness, she was looking for ways to serve God and others. What a privilege to have known her, if even for a short while.

  18. James says:

    She always had a smile on her face and was loved by so many different people for her kindness, love and joyfull personality. We all wish you well in your next life where ever it may be, but how can anyone go wrong with a heart as golden as yours.
    With deepest love and affection xx

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