This is your area of our website. We have created this space for you to leave your own tributes.

We can create a unique page for you as soon as you decide to appoint us as your funeral directors, and there is no charge for this. You can also ask us to set up a tribute page on an anniversary or special occasion, whether or not we have conducted the funeral for you in the past. The page will have its own web address to which you can direct people.

You can share the page with anyone and everyone, via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. Anyone you share the page with will be able to add their own tribute in memory of the person who has died. All tributes are moderated before being published, and we reserve the right to edit any comment if we feel it is necessary. Offensive or otherwise unsuitable comments will not be published.

Please click on the name of the person to whom you would like to leave a tribute, and you will be taken to his or her personal page.

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Andy King

Jim Sinclair

John Whitehead

Marilyn Noon

Berenice Wright

Rene Claisse

Rolo Rawlinson

Joan Mason

Barry Keen

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