Reverse the Funeral During The Pandemic

£3,070.00 inclusive

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the service we offer to the community, and to make the ‘funeral experience’ more rewarding for everyone involved.

During these troubled times when funerals cannot always include everyone who wants to attend, we suggest that the whole funeral is rethought.

We have always offered the facility to hold a funeral ceremony or service at our premises, and we have found that usually this is followed by unattended cremation – we simply take the person to the crematorium either later the same day, or the following morning.

Enlightened families who have chosen this way of saying goodbye have invariably given us positive feedback. There is no clock-watching, no travelling, no worries about getting lost or hitting traffic, no feeling of being on a production line. We keep everything local for you.

So now we’re offering the same, but the other way round.

We suggest the unattended cremation takes place in the coming weeks, and then a memorial ceremony or service is held at our premises when the pandemic is over, and restrictions on attending funerals are lifted. We can offer this facility at all of our premises, with a maximum attendance of 35 in St Neots, 25 in Huntingdon and 35 in St Ives. In addition, we can offer the facility to host the reception after the ceremony should you wish to hold it at the same venue.

We won’t charge you any more for this – the only extra would be any catering you’d like, or you’re welcome to organise this yourselves.

It’s really exactly the same as we’ve been providing since we opened, just the other way around. Separating the ceremony from the act of cremation is nothing to be worried about. In fact, it makes a lot of sense.

We offer this inclusive funeral for £3,070.00 inclusive of external fees. This charge includes our professional fee, a simple, standard-sized coffin, a notice on our website to inform friends and family of the arrangements, and the use of our premises for the memorial ceremony and reception (if required). Cambridge Crematorium’s band 1 fee (early morning or late afternoon), doctors’ fees and a celebrant’s fees are included. Please ask if you are interested in this service but with burial instead of cremation.

All we ask is that the £3,070.00 is paid before the cremation is confirmed. If it is paid by debit card or BACS transfer, we allow a discount of £75.00 making the cost £2,995.00.