Supporting Local Businesses


Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services made a successful start in business in St Neots in October 2010, proving that local independent companies are attractive and able to survive in the town. Given a choice between a local independent business, and one which is owned by distant directors, more and more people are choosing Kingfisher as their funeral directors.

We believe very much in supporting other local businesses and charities, and were therefore delighted to be approached by Tony and Mark at Black Cat Radio and asked to become involved in their up and coming radio station, which has the same values as Kingfisher. Black Cat Radio is locally-owned and has a genuine desire to appeal to the community. Neither of us is commercially-minded beyond the need to survive. We are not driven by sales. We want to become known in St Neots and the surrounding areas because we are local people providing a local service.

We are one of the first businesses in the area to team up with Black Cat Radio via a sponsorship agreement to support them as they grow. At the same time, through radio advertising we hope to increase awareness of our presence as funeral directors in St Neots.

Radio advertising is very unusual for funeral directors. We are having trouble finding anyone who has tried it. We may be the first, who knows? But the world is a changing place, and we are happy to move with the times and try new methods. After all, a few years ago, how many people looked on the internet for a business?

Listen out for our advert which can be heard on Black Cat Radio just before the news each hour.

Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services, proud to be the only locally-owned, fully independent funeral directors in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. Contact us here.