Why Choose Kingfisher?



if everytime you telephoned you got a real person…

if that person was interested and helpful…

if that person always knew what you were talking about…

if you never had to hope that messages would get passed on..

if you only had to ask once about anything…

That is the level of customer service we provide. We are excessively proud of our genuine 100% satisfaction record, and we don’t intend to change that.

But don’t just take our word for it. Please read what our clients say about us, then make your own decision, just as we like you to when you are making the funeral arrangements.

How we’re different

Our strength is in our very small size, which enables us to focus entirely on our clients and to offer you a completely unique personal service. We approach our profession from a non-commercial perspective. We do not sell inflexible packages. We listen to the needs of our clients, and tailor our service to their exact requirements.

Find out more about how we differ from other funeral directors.

Meet Roxie

Roxie is our gorgeous young black labrador. She was born in June 2011 and spends at least three days a week at Gate Lodge.

As she grows up, our intention is to train and use Roxie as a bereavement dog, in much the same way that pat dogs visit nursing homes and hospices.

Find out more about Roxie.

Supporting Local Businesses

Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services made a successful start in business in St Neots in October 2010, proving that local independent companies are attractive and able to survive in the town. Given a choice between a local independent business, and one which is owned by distant directors, more and more people are choosing Kingfisher as their funeral directors.

We believe very much in supporting other local businesses and charities.

Find out more about how Kingfisher Independent Funeral Directors supports local businesses in St. Neots.


Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services is keen to help local charities. Each year we set ourselves a fundraising challenge. See details of previous years fundraising challenges here.

News & Advice

News and honest advice and opinion can be found on our blog