Coronavirus and Funerals

Yesterday the government issued advice to avoid mass gatherings with friends and family, as well as large gatherings and crowded places.

Whilst there was no official guidance related to funerals, there is a clear link between a “gathering of friends and family” and a “funeral”.

At the moment funeral ceremonies and services are going ahead as planned.

Our advice at this stage is to use common sense to decide whether to attend a funeral, particularly if you are in a high-risk group (over the age of 70, pregnant or with a chronic illness). If you feel unwell, have travelled through and affected area, or you have symptoms such as a fever or a dry persistent cough which indicate you could be carrying the virus, please do not attend funerals.

As a business we are monitoring the situation very closely, and adapting our practices daily. We have documented our current views and intentions, which we are putting in place to protect our clients and our staff. You can access this document here Kingfisher Policy for Coronavirus Protection

We have always been forward-thinking and creative in arranging funerals, and we continue to have this attitude. We are able to offer the facility to hold funeral ceremonies our premises in St Neots, Huntingdon and St Ives. Ceremonies held at our premises are intimate, relaxed and meaningful. They lend themselves to small gatherings, and enable families to come together in a single place for a funeral. For more information please see the relevant pages on our website for St Neots, for Huntingdon and for St Ives.

It may become necessary to change the way funerals “look” – for instance it may be prudent for cremation or burial to take place with no mourners present, and to have a memorial ceremony at a later date. We are able and happy to advise on this option, and more details can be found here Direct Cremation Option 1 and here Direct Cremation Option 2

We remain committed to providing a personal and professional service to all who need us, and we will work with every client individually to create the right funeral in these testing and unprecedented times.

If you require any help or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us on St Neots (01480 471001), Huntingdon (01480 412938) or St Ives (01480 573080).

Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services are proud to be the only locally-owned, fully independent funeral directors with offices in St Neots, Huntingdon and St Ives.