Coronavirus and Funeral … Updated Information

How are we adapting our business during the coronavirus pandemic, and what are we offering the community?

During this pandemic, many will assume that those in our profession will be the last people to worry about their businesses. Nothing could be further from the truth, and at Kingfisher Funerals we are making massive changes. We want to retain our reputation for being innovative, whilst still providing an essential service to our community.

It is clear that funerals will have to change during the pandemic, and perhaps for some considerable time thereafter. The government has instructed mass gatherings of families and friends to be avoided. In the last week we have seen a dramatic drop in the number of attendees at funerals. Local crematoria are taking steps to limit the spread of the virus. Yeovil Crematorium in Somerset has cancelled public services, and it may not be long before others follow suit.

 We have always offered the facility to hold funerals at our premises. We will continue to offer this facility, but we will restrict the number of attendees to immediate family only, and we will practise social distancing during ceremonies. Our music playing facilities and ability to truly personalise ceremonies are unaffected. We have the facility to live stream the funeral service or ceremony so that those unable to attend the funeral can watch it from home as it happens. If you can’t come to the funeral, we’ll bring it to you.

We have ceremony rooms at our premises in St Neots, Huntingdon and St Ives, and can offer these facilities in all three towns.

Our staff are now working from home in order to protect themselves and their families. We need them to be healthy so we can cope with any rise in demand that the virus brings. They have full access to our computer system, our diary and our phone system. All phone calls and emails will be answered as normal.

We will be arranging funerals by telephone and email wherever possible. We have video facilities for clients who would like some visual interaction.

We have two members of staff who will look after our mortuaries and the people in our care. If both members of staff are in the same place they will wear the necessary PPE to protect themselves from each other and from any risk of infection in the mortuary.

We have closed our offices to the general public in order to provide what we believe will become an essential community service. This will enable us to thoroughly clean our premises between each funeral ceremony, and to take necessary precautions to limit the spread of Covid-19.

For further information, please visit any of our websites, or call St Neots (01480 471001), Huntingdon (01480 412938) or St Ives (01480 573080).