New Advert in The Hunts Post

Layout 1Our new advert has appeared for the first time in The Hunts Post this week.

One of the comments we hear a lot is that people don’t know we’re here. New funeral businesses often have this problem, as there are usually one or two ‘names’ that are known in any town. This is, of course, what the (often) corporate businesses that own the ‘names’ hope and expect. Even better when the general public don’t know that the businesses are in fact owned by much larger companies!

Clients find us on the internet, and frequently say that our website stands out a mile – it’s colourful, welcoming, personable and open. Clients find us through word-of-mouth – friends have come to us, or been to funerals that we have arranged, and recommended us to them. But not a single client has ever told us they found us in a newspaper.

So we needed to make a splash. We needed to get our message out. And this is how we’ve done it.

The wonderful Neil at Print Hut in Little Paxton worked with us to put together the full page advert that’s appeared today. Using a lot of similar information to our website, we’ve taken the bits we feel it’s important to shout about.

The advert is colourful. It highlights our independence. It pictures the three people you will talk to when you phone us or call in. It features one of the great testimonials we constantly receive. And it quite openly advertises prices for both at-need and pre-need funerals. That’s something you rarely see on a funeral director’s advert.

Only time will tell if it works. We can’t wait to find out.

Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services are proud to be the only locally-owned, fully independent funeral directors in St Neots or Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. We are locally recommended on The Best of St Neots, and nationally recommended by The Natural Death Centre. For more information please call us on (01480) 471001, e-mail us or call in at Gate Lodge, Cemetery Road, St Neots PE19 2BX.