New Funeral Directors at Kingfisher

Relaxed PhotoEven though we are one of St Neots’ newest businesses,  we have become successful much more quickly than planned, and we now employ three full-time members of staff.

Andrew Hickson, who owns and manages Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services at Gate Lodge in Cemetery Road, never dreamt that the business would grow as quickly as it has done.

“Although I realised that we would provide a completely unique personal service, my business plan was that I would run the company on my own for five years” said Andrew.

“In just half that time, we have exceeded expectations by over 300%, and the business is still growing at a tremendous rate.”

“There simply weren’t enough hours in the day for me to provide the unique service that Kingfisher is becoming known for on my own, so I invited two qualified funeral directors to join me, knowing that they both had the right attitudes and the underlying knowledge to uphold our growing reputation, which is so important.”

Nicola Jarmaine and Scott Hardiman have joined Andrew as full-time funeral directors, and each takes on full responsibility for their own clients, as well as supporting one another. This gives complete continuity and is much appreciated by everyone who chooses to use the services of Kingfisher.

“Our relaxed, non-commercial approach to funerals, ensuring that our clients are provided with the service they want, not the one we want them to have, is the key to our business. We are hugely privileged to help everyone who contacts us, and we guarantee a completely personal service to everyone.”

Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services are proud to be the only locally-owned, fully independent funeral directors in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. We are recommended locally on The Best of St Neots and nationally by The Natural Death Centre. We guarantee no hard sell, and no pressure. We take everything at your pace. Free, impartial and friendly advice is available any time on (01480) 471001 or by e-mailing