The Average Cost of Funerals

There have been a couple of reports published recently, regarding the average cost of funerals.

An average has, by definition, to take in national highs and lows, regional fluctuations, and, of course, Corporates and Independents.

The price of Corporates versus Independents has been discussed elsewhere on this blog (Independents are almost always cheaper) – but the average cost of a funeral also raises significant differences.

Ipsos MORI figures quoted by SAIF in February 2010 showed that the average overall cost for a funeral was £2648. This includes a cremation, transportation, a hearse, one limousine, viewing of the deceased and the simplest available coffin, but excludes floral tributes and newspaper notices.

The BBC, in September 2011, quoted a Sun Life Direct Survey saying that “… the average cost of a cremation in the UK was £2720.”

The discrepancy between the two figures quoted above can be explained by the year-and-a-bit difference between the research.

>Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services are very proud to publish our figures for the end of our first year of serving the communities of St Neots and the surrounding areas. These figures show that for the same service, our average charge was £2508, some £212 less than the national average, and £130 less than the regional average of £2638.

The actual average cost of a funeral arranged was significantly lower than this at £2262, because many clients do not need, and therefore are not charged for limousines, and because we are very willing to reduce our fees significantly when only a very basic service is required. This does not mean that our standard of care differs at all, it is simply reflective of our outgoings. We feel this is the fairest way to set our charges.

Couple this with our 100% client-satisfaction rate and our unique guarantee of complete personal attention, and the reason for our increasing reputation, despite being such a new business, becomes clear.

Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services are proud to be the only locally-owned, fully independent Funeral Directors in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. We are recommended in The Good Funeral Guide 2011 and by The Natural Death Centre, and we are the only funeral directors to feature on The Best of St Neots. For more information or if you require any help, please telephone us on (01480) 471001.